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A & C Excavating - Demolition | Marshall, MN

A & C Excavating will handle your gravel, sand and dirt needs. Whether you need a new road or land filled, we will be able to help. We have been serving the southwestern Minnesota and southeastern South Dakota area for 19 years. Ask for owner Chris Nibbe.

Gravel, sand, and dirt expertise

We'll work on large and small projects.

- Black dirt

- Sand

- Gravel and screen gravel

- Drain rock

- Crushed rock

- Quarry rock

- Landscape rock

Large selection of

fill materials

- Grading, excavation and road contracting

- Fresh gravel spreading

- Surface stabilizer treatments to reduce dust

- Troubleshooting gravel road problems

Enjoy a smooth, long-lasting road

Call for a FREE gravel, sand, and dirt estimate.



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